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Quality of life

The high quality of life in Plovdiv attracts people from all over the country and abroad, with latest official data showing that the City of Plovdiv is the fastest growing among the big cities in Bulgaria.

Trends in the last few years show that the number of people moving in from abroad and Sofia to Plovdiv is much higher than those who are leaving. The great work-life balance and unique cultural atmosphere draw in people from all over the world with statistics showing that nearly 30% of the migration towards the district is from other countries. This has made Plovdiv home to over 32 000 foreigners who live, work and study here – with the vibrant expat community increasing with 10% every year. 

Less traffic and urban stress, opportunities to reach the workplace by bicycle, public transport, and others, allow the locals to spend more time enjoying the city and its many sports, culture and art events. 


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