Location and


Plovdiv is located in South Central Bulgaria and acts as a major link in the chain of transport corridors connecting Europe and Southwest Asia. The City’s strategic location provides fast highway and railway access to all major airports and ports in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. 

As a crossroad of three Pan-European Corridors (IV, VIII, and X), two highways and many key railway lines, Plovdiv is becoming an extremely attractive destination for trade and logistics. The Region is home to 8 industrial parks with various profiles from agro to high-tech and logistics. They are strategically located at the outskirts of the City of Plovdiv with fast and easy access to the main Bulgarian highways – Trakia and Maritza, which connect them with the rest of Europe and Asia.

Near Plovdiv is located the first and only in Bulgaria Intermodal Terminal, which helps link land and railway transport, helping local companies conveniently import and export goods. The intermodal terminal creates conditions for higher quality freight transport services, by offering a combination of different transport types. 

Built over an area of 71,450 m² the terminal has sites for TR operations, two rows containers storage site, area for damaged containers and equipment, special locations for refrigerating loading units, administrative building for serving customers, section for customs control and customs storehouse, parking lots for loading vehicles and cars,and control checkpoint. Its capacity is 80 000 intermodal transport units (UTI).

In addition to the Intermodal Terminal, there is a Free Zone situated within the City and near the Ring Road. In its administrative building there are a customs bureau, a branch of the Central Customs Plovdiv and a customs agency for the convenience of the clients.


By air

Plovdiv Airport is located in the outskirts of the City of Plovdiv, less than 30 minutes from downtown, and is connected to the industrial zones through the Plovdiv Ring Road. Two airlines operate regular flights to Germany, England, Ireland and Italy. Due to the developing manufacturing sector in the region, the airport is also extensively used for cargo flights.

Less than 1hr 30min from the City center is the main Bulgarian airport – Sofia Airport, with 27 airlines operating flights to over 80 international locations – in Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa. 

Other Bulgarian airports with fast access from Plovdiv are Burgas (2hrs 30mins) and Varna (4hrs). Istanbul Airport, the busiest airport in Europe which serves over 260 destinations all over the world, can be reached via highway in 4hrs.

By land

Three of the ten Pan-European corridors intersect in Plovdiv, which act as links to Western Europe and Asia:

·         Corridor IV (Dresden–Bucharest–Sofia- Plovdiv– Istanbul);

·         Corridor VIII (Durrës- Sofia-Plovdiv-Varna/Burgas);

·         Corridor X (Salzburg–Belgrade-Plovdiv-Istanbul).

They also link to Corridor IX, less than an hour from Plovdiv, which passes through HelsinkiVyborgSt. PetersburgPskov GomelKyivLiubashivkaChișinăuBucharest to the North and ends at Alexandroupolis to the South.

By train

Plovdiv’s Railway Station also has a strategic location in the national railway system. It has the capacity of handling 32 trains and unloading 2000 wagons per day, with 18 licensed companies providing cargo transport services.