Why Plovdiv?


Among the TOP 3 small European cities with best FDI strategy and cost-effectiveness according to fDi intelligence.


One of the best nearshoring destinations with a well-organized cluster of leading manufactures and a booming IT&BPO center.


Strategically located as an intersection point of three Pan European Corridors linking Europe with Asia.

Fixed corporate and personal income tax rate
(metropolitan area)
Net migration city-level

Your new investment destination

Plovdiv is the hotspot for the development of the new Bulgarian industry and an attracting point for foreign direct investment. The success formula consists of a mixture between high quality of life, a well-developed educational network and expanding human resources.

Fixed 10% corporate tax, numerous investor incentives, easy and fast company registration, no VISA requirements for EU citizens and a single point of contact and an all-in service package for investors.

One of the fastest growing industrial zones in Southeast Europe, with more than 200 local and international companies, and over 71 000 employed in the sector. Rapidly growing IT&BPO destination with over 7000 employees and a hotspot for freelancers.

Well-developed, modernized, digitalized and diversified school educational system, with leading dual education profiles and over 42 000 students. А network of 8 universities, with 35 300 students and advanced business, engineering, language and IT fields – also contributes to Plovdiv’s growing economy.

Great work-life balance, unique atmosphere, rich range of cultural, sport and leisure activities and low cost of living compared to other European cities, all make Plovdiv one of the most attractive places to live and work in Southeast Europe.

Local Economy

Plovdiv is among the most preferred nearshoring destinations in Southeastern Europe in both the manufacturing and service sectors, which has significantly transformed its local economy structure. 

€4.9 billion/year (GDP)

€900 million/year (CapEx)

Due to the business-friendly environment, manufacturers in the city and the region expand their production capacities and/or open new factories almost every year.

Plovdiv is among the most preferred nearshoring destinations in Southeast Europe in both manufacturing and services sectors, which has significantly transformed its local economy structure. 

Major investors

Industrial leader and booming technology center

The region is home to some of the best developed industrial zones in Southeast Europe, which alongside its strategic location and excellent connectivity, have transformed Plovdiv into a leading manufacturing, logistics and transport center.

In addition to its leading role in the Automotive and Mechatronics sectors, which amount to 25% of the added value of the same for the country, Plovdiv has also experienced a dynamic expansion in the IT&BPO sector.

This is the fastest growing sector in the local economy with over 8 500 employees and potential to increase with 5000 more in the next 3 to 5 years.

A well-developed network of school and higher education institutions aids the development of the local economy by producing highly skilled engineers, technicians, electricians, as well as bi- and multilingual talent in sectors such as IT, finance, accounting, legal studies, etc.

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