Plovdiv – undoubtedly the second most populous Bulgarian city

Plovdiv – undoubtedly the second most populous Bulgarian city

Plovdiv is undoubtedly the second most populous city in Bulgaria according to the latest National Statistics Institute data


The City’s officially registered inhabitants are over 343 000, which amount to over 50% of all in Plovdiv District – the highest populated after Sofia with almost 663 000 people. This is mainly due to the high quality of life and the increased investment interest in the city and its surrounding industrial zones.                                                       

In the last few years, not only did Plovdiv become the indisputable leader in the manufacturing sector in Bulgaria, but also transformed into one of the fastest developing investment destinations in all of Southeast Europe. Another important role in Plovdiv’s recent success is played by the rapidly growing IT&BPO community, which already exceeds 7 000 employees, with trends forecastasting growth of nearly 5 000 people in the next 3 to 5 years.


Along with the positive trends of the economy in these areas, the labor market in Plovdiv is rapidly increasing, making the city an attractive center for people from all over Bulgaria and abroad. This was highlighted in 2020-2021, when Plovdiv and the region were the most preferred destination for internal migration with over 24 000 new residents, with a record 9 000 people reported for the City alone.

Recent news

Tesla supplier invests in Plovdiv

Company for the production of aluminium profiles for the automotive industry is the newest investor in Plovdiv. The investment of over EUR 35 million belongs to Shanghai Unison Aluminum Products

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