Plovdiv and Trakia Economic Zone expect an investment worth 1 billion

Plovdiv and Trakia Economic Zone expect an investment worth 1 billion

The private industrial zone near Plovdiv – Trakia Economic Zone (TEZ) is about to attract investments worth billions, which will give impetus to its growth.

According to the founder of TEZ Mr. Plamen Panchev, the team is currently negotiating with a large investor for a production facility for panels and batteries for energy storage on the territory of the TEZ. At this stage, Panchev shared only that it is an international company with businesses in Asia and Europe. “We are also in serious negotiations with an American company,” added Panchev.

A few days ago, the Minister of Innovation, Alexander Pulev, shared that the state is in negotiations with three automotive investors who want to develop production in Bulgaria. Their projects are for 1.5 billion to 3 billion euros. All of them are likely to open their factories in the new industrial zone which the government is currently building near Dobroslavtsi. “We are talking about investors from Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia – a mix of investments that are aimed at Bulgaria, which to them is the door to Europe,” said Pulev.

Unlike the state industrial parks, the Trakia Economic Zone is being developed without budget investments and is the largest in the country. The new entrant, which is expected to build a factory for the production of batteries for energy storage, was attracted by the recycling possibilities of the nearby metallurgical enterprise – KCM Plovdiv, which has modern technologies.

“Bulgaria and Plovdiv have established themselves in the sector of electromobility, and we are ready for an investor in the field of batteries and energy storage,” said Panchev. He recalled that an investor has already been attracted to the zone, who will provide renewable energy for the other companies in the zone within three years. “We have created a good economic environment and conditions for energy efficiency and climate neutrality with clear rules and investment projects. This attracts new companies whose partners are already working in the Trakia Economic Zone,” Panchev pointed out.

Established nearly 20 years ago, Trakia Economic Zone has already provided space and conditions for the development of investors with projects for over 3 billion euros.

In addition, TEZ is awaiting the application for funding under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, where BGN 212 million has been set aside specifically for the development of industrial zones in the country. “We have projects to improve and expand the infrastructure, for investments in energy security, as well as for the development of the social infrastructure – housing for those working in the zone and for the improvement of professional education”, said Panchev.

On the occasion of the cabinet’s decision to build a new economic zone in Dobroslavtsi, profiled in the automotive sector, Panchev commented that it is important for the country to have as many such successful initiatives as possible. This is how we become more recognizable to investors.

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