Electronics manufacturing leader shows interest Plovdiv

Electronics manufacturing leader shows interest Plovdiv

Another high-tech company shows interest in Plovdiv and the region.


A representative of a global electronics giant with more than 2,500 employees and a number of factories in Asia and Europe visited Plovdiv to explore the benefits that the local business climate offers. The company’s expertise extends from medical equipment to electric vehicles, smart devices and smart buildings, offering a full range of services related to the design, development, certification and installation of electronics to order. The company itself is one of the world leaders in electronics, with some of its biggest clients being Pfizer, Dyson and Lavazza.

“You have come across our products at least several times in your life.”

During the visit, the representative met with Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov, with whom they discussed the topics of Bulgaria’s rapid development as a center of attraction for manufacturing companies, and Plovdiv’s leadership position in attracting investment in high-tech sectors. “I am very impressed with what Bulgaria and Plovdiv have to offer, especially the skilled workforce and the good infrastructure.” said the representative of the world giant. He also shared the company’s plans for the specific investment project – “For the implementation of two key projects we envisage a plant for mass production of electronics – from injection molding and chipping on boards to box build assembly.”

The eventual final capacity of the plant would be around 600 employees, and the company’s ambition is to finalize its research on the project as soon as possible to meet the needs of the market.

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