Bulgarian economy will be in the top 3 of growth in Central and Eastern Europe in 2019

Bulgarian economy will be in the top 3 of growth in Central and Eastern Europe in 2019

In 2019 Bulgarian economy will have a growth at 3, 3 % and will increase its GDP to 58,4 billion euro. This will position the country on the 3rd place of growth in the region Central and Eastern Europe, as revealed by the economists of Unicredit, presented on the Annual Meeting of The European Bank for Reconstruction and Developmen.

In regard to the other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, they will keep the economic growth above the global levels and in five other countries there will be also a growth higher than 3, 2% – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Slovenia.

In the next year the global growth decrease will be noticed in the Central and Eastern Europe, as it will lead also to decrease in the countries.

“Similarly to the rest of the world, Central and Eastern Europe will be affected by the global delay, but the region is better positioned than some other developing markets and managed the inner headwinds due to the strong domestic demand, supportive fiscal policy and the stable capital flows in the most countries of the region. It is expected that the economy will stay prosperous during 2019”, said Mauro Marano, senior economist in Unicredit for CEE.

The defined risks are the slow expansion of the Eurozone and the ambiguities about Brexit, which effect can be felt already in some of the countries in the form of decline in the exports.

“The growth of Bulgarian economy and the rest of the countries in the region are mainly due to the higher domestic demand, backed up by the increasing income of the population”, experts explain.

The expected increase in the salaries in the country, corrected by the inflation is at 6.5%.

Source: https://money.bg/economics/balgarskata-ikonomika-shte-bade-v-top-3-po-rastezh-v-tsentralna-i-iztochna-evropa-za-2019-a.html

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