More than 48 000 people in the outsourcing sector in the country with an average salary of 2400 BGN Levs



More than 48 000 people in the country are currently occupied in the outsourcing sector, as the average salary in the sector for the last year is 2400 BGN Levs monthly. Currently the industry ensures 6, 5% of all salaries and 5% of all social benefits.

According to the prognoses until 2020 the employees in the sphere will exceed 60 000 people. This is expected by the experts of Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, refered to “24 hours”.

In the past year the companies’ turnover from the outsourcing sector has reached 3 billion BGN Levs, as it accounts for double-digit growth on a year basis. The prognoses are that in 2020 year the turnovers of these companies will reach 2, 5 billion BGN Levs or above 4, 8 billion BGN Levs.

Right now, on the Bulgarian market are working 389 companies with such activities, with biggest share are the so-called companies with outsourced activities – 53 %. 47 % are companies providing services in the Information Technologies. There are 208 call centers.

The companies in the sector contribute to about 70% of the demand of office spaces in the country.


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