EU: Trakia Economic Zone is а role model for climate neutrality

Trakia Eonomic Zone with another recognition


TEZ is one of the six regional examples of best practices for climate neutrality in the European Union. The results of the study “EU regions in the transformation towards a climate-neutral future”, requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development (REGI), were published in early May. It addresses the requirements at EU regional level for a successful transformation towards a climate-neutral future.

Based on the analysis of six regional examples – Trakia Eonomic Zone in Plovdiv – Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Austria and Portugal for best practices, the authors identified the key drivers, conditions and tools needed for successful transformation.

TEZ’s climate-netural plans for the future envisage 100% carbon neutrality in all industrial zones by 2040.

Read the extensive research here.

Source: Trakia Economic Zone

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