Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov opened Europe’s first nitrile gloves factory

Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov opened Europe’s first nitrile gloves factory

Plovdiv is oficially the home of the first factory for nitrile gloves manufacturing in the European Union. The investment of BGN 15 million belongs to the Bulgarian start-up company PPS Manufacturing, which is the only manufacturer of this type of products for the healthcare and food industry. The production base is located on 6,000 square meters, in a convenient location within the City of Plovdiv and will provide 100 new jobs. The production line is equipped with the latest equipment and warehouse space.

“This investment is not the largest for our region, but it is certainly one of the most significant, because it is fisrt and foremost Bulgarian. It was initiated entirely by Bulgarian entrepreneurs. It’s rare to find a company from Eastern Europe that leads the way on such a scale.” With these words, Deputy Mayor for Business Development Stefan Stoyanov addressed Georgi Petkov, Anton Petrov and Dimitar Stamov from the company’s management. He also added that people like them are the typical representatives of the new wave of Bulgarian entrepreneurs and industrialists who are changing our country in the recent years and serve as role models to young people.

For the management team, the project has full potential to develop and achieve autonomy from the supply of raw materials from Southeast Asia.

The project is supported by funding from the Sustainable Cities Fund under the Urban Development Fund financial instrumen.


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