Plovdiv is among the top 50 most innovative smart cities

Plovdiv is among the top 50 most innovative smart cities


The Municipality of Plovdiv was awarded the prestigious American award “Smart 50” by Smart Cities Connect, Smart Cities Connect Foundation and US Ignite late. Each year, the award is given to the 50 most innovative and community-transforming projects in the world. This is yet another recognition that our city has received for the successful digitalization of education.

The candidacy of the Municipality of Plovdiv was focused on the implementation, benefits and successes of the “1:1” method in municipal schools. The awarded project is the second stage of the implementation of cloud technologies in all schools. In the “1:1” classes, each student and teacher has a personal laptop adapted for educational needs. In practice, there are no textbooks and notebooks in the classrooms and the whole learning process – materials, class work, homework, group work and others, is carried out in a protected environment in the virtual space. “1:1” is an educational project that contains all the elements of modern technology and which helps children learn important digital skills such as safe use of the Internet, digital culture, use of online resources, work with different devices, critical thinking and more.

“This award is a great recognition for the municipal policies in the field of education, for the schools themselves and especially for the teachers. Since 2016, we have come a long way in the digitalization and introduction of cloud systems in every school, “said Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov. He added that the “1:1” project covers 21 classes in 9 schools and in the fall the classes are expected to be over 60 in more than 15 schools. “The award is a great incentive for the hundreds of teachers who are actively working to modernize the educational process and the introduction of meaningful technologies,” said Stoyanov.

The jury of “Smart50” praised the efforts made for the learning process through the use of modern technologies and innovative teaching methods as “project-based learning”. At the beginning of the pandemic, Plovdiv schools were much better prepared for the lockdown than the national average due to their long-term work with cloud platforms and the already digitalized educational process.

The Smart 50 Awards2021 reflects the 50 best smart city projects of the year, recognizing real results in local communities. Tokyo, San Francisco, Kansas, Tampa, Hong Kong, Montreal, Umea, Haifa and other cities in the USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, China, Chile, Japan, Israel and Spain make up the fest of the international ranking of Plovdiv.

Стефан Стоянов - награда SMART50  - 2Снимка_ Виктория Райкова -

Pictures: Viktoriya Raykova

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