The smart decisions of smart companies

How Industry 4.0 helps with data processing or manages to “listen” to the machines

“Thank you, Industry 4.0, because we could not keep the pace without the digitization and the automation.” This was said by Milap Patel, Director of “Strategy, transformation and artificial intelligence” at Ericsson, during the third annual forum Industry 4.0, which was held in Plovdiv and was organized by “Economedia”, Plovdiv Municipality and “Trakia Tech”.

Several companies shared how they use the smart technologies to increase enterprises’ productivity. And while some improve their processes with their own capacities, others create solutions which can be offered as a product to businesses, wishing to increase their productivity.

From the copper wire to the artificial intellect

“In 2002, we were working with 3 trillion GB of data. Now, we have reached $ 33 trillion. In 2030 there will be 160 trillion GB of data. This means 30 times more than 20 years earlier, in 2010”, said Milap Patel.

He gave an example of the cognitive automation, which the company gradually incorporates into its work to improve its operations. “In short, this is when the computers imitate the cognitive functions of the human brain,” he clarified. One of the main features of this innovation is to achieve more effective communication with the users. So, when smart enough computer bots communicate with the customers, employees are free to predict new potential problems and solve them in advance.

Listen to the rattle

However, innovations also can come from the outside and the companies can rely on partners to adapt their work and move to Industry 4.0. Through a platform based on the Internet of Things and big data, the company Factor.E analyzes and “listens” to the machines in the enterprises in order to be able to suggest how to increase energy efficiency, for example.

“What we did was that we used and understood the universal machine language – the electricity – it tells us how the machine works and what we can do to improve it. We have hardware that allows us to assess the energy efficiency of the machines”, explained Stylianos Kiatelis, founder and CEO of the Berlin-based company. The ultimate goal is to increase the productivity of enterprises through this software and equipment. “With it, we can teach the machine to make suggestions to improve the work process by itself.” When you sum up this data, you can save € 1500 per machine per month, the output may increase by 1.4% and energy loss can decrease”, says Kiatelis.


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