Sutherland boldly steps in Plovdiv: 300 vacant places await for candidates

Sutherland, the world leader in transformation of business processes, starts to operate in Plovdiv. One of the largest employers in Bulgaria remains true to its commitment to provide employment, not only in Sofia, but also in the major cities across the country, creating 300 new jobs in The City of the hills. Globally, for over three decades Sutherland serves 120 customers from Fortune 1000 in 17 different countries in over 60 locations.

“One of our main priorities during our management was to keep the young people here, to obtain  good education, to ensure a better quality of life and career development,” said the mayor Ivan Totev, when presenting the company. “So far, there are 4000 jobs in the IT sector and we have also attracted many young people from other cities,” he added.

The people who will be hired to represent the company in Plovdiv will work for one of the largest and most innovative online stores in the world. It is one of Sutherland’s trusted partners, with whom the company has worked for over 15 years globally and over 5 yeats here in Bulgaria.

The requirements for those who want to be hired are to have a good level of German language and basic computer skills. The company will make sure to train and prepare its new employees. The goal is to employ 100 people by the end of the year and 300 by the end of 2020. The starting salary will be over 2000 BGN levs, with additional bonuses for each employee. This was explained by the CEO of the company Dimitar Galabov.

Plovdiv established itself as the second center after Sofia. 120 companies made serious investments in office spaces and tens of millions levs.

There are no age restrictions on the positions announced. The working hours will be  – 4, 6 and 8 hours, which is very suitable for students.

The growth of Sutherland’s business in the city is part of the company’s commitment to establish a permanent presence in Plovdiv, one of the leading cities in Bulgaria.

Sutherland is among the largest employers in Bulgaria, with over 2800 employees working with clients such as Spotify, Hilton, GoDaddy and McAfee. The company operates in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.


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