The construction of a new Mercedes factory for head-lights was started

The construction of a new Mercedes factory for head-lights was started


The first sod of a high-tech factory for production of the rear lights of “Mercedes” was made today by the Minister of Economy Mr. Emil Karanikolov, the Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality eng. Ivan Totev and Mr. Ahmet Bayeraktar, the president of “Farba Lighting Group”. The Turkish company builds on an area of 92, 000 sq. meters, with the first plant being 23,000 sq. meters in the industrial zone “Kuklen”, part of Trakia Economic Zone. On the first sod were present the Deputy Mayors of Plovdiv Municipality – Mr. Stefan Stoyanov and Mr. Rozalin Petkov, The Deputy Governor Mr. Dimitar Kerin, The General Consul of Turkey Mr. Hussein Ergani and others. “Last years in Plovdiv region were built factories producing different types of automobile parts. I think we are approaching the moment when some of the major car producers will enter Bulgaria. That is why Ministry of Economy and the Investment Agency have a key role”, said The Mayor Ivan Totev. “This is a big investment that is long-term and large; also the place is extremely well-chosen. With the public investments that the government is making in a few years, the zones between Plovdiv and Asenovgrad will merge”, he added and clarified that the concession of Plovdiv airport is expected to be signed within a month. “Odelo Farba Bulgaria” will invest by 2023, on phases, € 40.6 million in 3 plants and subcontractors park and 400 people will be able to work in the company. In Sofia the company is currently developing a science and technology center. “I am sure that the new plant is a serious asset for our country that will attract the interest of many foreign investors. The government is going to the right direction, namely – improving the business environment, simplifying administrative services, encouraging investments and innovations and improving the access to financing”, said The Minister of Economy Mr. Emil Karanikolov. He awarded Class A investor certificate Mr. Ahmet Bayerattar, the president of Farba Lighting Group. According to the preliminary estimates, the serial production at the plant will start in December 2020. In 2023-2024, the second one has to be built – an electronics factory and a subcontractor park are planned for the period 2021-2023. “Odelo Farba Bulgaria” is part of Bayrakertal Holding, whose structure includes companies in the field of lighting production – automotive and general, automobile representation and leasing, insurance, construction and tourism. In 2011 Bayertalt Holding acquires the German company “Odelo”. “Odelo Farba Lighting Group” is a manufacturer of automobile lighting. The company has 7 plants (3 in Turkey, 1 in China, 1 in Germany, 2 in Slovenia). For 8 years, it has invested €214 million in factories. The company employs 3 581 employees, 200 are employed in Research & Development (80 people in Turkey, 120 people in Germany). EUR 461 million is the turnover of “Odelo Farba Lighting Group” for 2017. Its main customers are Mercedes – Benz, Audi, Renault, Fiat, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford.




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