Plovdiv is in the spotlight of world-renowned medias

Plovdiv is in the spotlight of world-renowned medias

11030341_10203703314963890_73878812_oThe city of Plovdiv is a topic included in an edition of the well-established British media ”The Guardian” which has published an article devoted to the oldest inhabited city in the world. The author points out that Plovdiv and the antique Varanasi in India are amongst the most ancient cities in the world. The edition takes a look and compares evidences and information about other cities as Kirkuk in Iraq,Suza in Iran,Damascus in Syria by stating that Plovdiv is situated in a region rich in antique inheritance and has ”a well-grounded evidence dating back to 6000 B.C”. This is the archeological complex Nebet Tepe where the first settlings of the ancient city took place.

Plovdiv was also mentioned in the online edition ”It’s Bohemian“ as one of the six best places to live in the world. The article lists Plovdiv amongst Istanbul,Amsterdam,Gent in Belgium and Koh Yao Noi in Thailand.The popular media advises Plovdiv to visitors as ”an incredibly peculiar recess of the world”.

Last year Plovdiv was selected in the specialized edition ”Lonely Planet” as the sixth best city that one must visit in 2015. The city based upon hills came before Viena,Shanghai and Toronto. Leading medias as BBC,CNN and Euronews cited the edition.

As one of the most popular destinations in Bulgaria,Plovdiv has a wide range of touristic products.In 2014 the city won the title ”European Capital of Culture” which is the most prominent event in the EU cultural sphere.

This month Plovdiv became the winner of ”Affirming the image of Bulgaria as a tourist destination” at the International touristic expo ”Holiday”. In the summer of 2015 Plovdiv will be the host of the prestigious international forum INDEX,which will be held for the first time in Eastern Europe. Another key event will be the International Tour Operators Meeting which will have its sixth edition in April.

Recent news

Tesla supplier invests in Plovdiv

Company for the production of aluminium profiles for the automotive industry is the newest investor in Plovdiv. The investment of over EUR 35 million belongs to Shanghai Unison Aluminum Products

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