Dimitar Madjarov with another investment in the food industry

Dimitar Madjarov with another investment in the food industry

It has a capacity of 5,000 liters per hour

zx952y526_4229869The Plovdiv company “Dimitar Madjarov” is investing 500,000 euros in a new line for milk production. Sixty percent of the amount is own funds, and the rest – a subsidy under the Rural Development Program, the company told Capital. The project will take two years to complete, in which the company will conduct different consumer studies and tests, and will organize the production process.

Four types of milk

The funds will be used for installation of ice water for cooling of the raw material and for an automated bottling line. The productivity is 5 000 liters per hour. The result is four types of milk: with fat content of 3.6%, 2.00%, 4.5%, and organic milk with fat content of 3.7%.

Management expects that the products of the new line will lead to 2% – 5% revenue growth in 2021.

Raw materials and technology

The raw material for all of “Dimitar Madjarov” milk is 100% Bulgarian, only raw milk from selected suppliers is used, which meets the highest requirements for quality and hygiene. Bulgarian milk from a controlled farm is used in organic milk, where the animals are fed on free grazing for at least 9 months a year in an ecologically clean area – as the company explained.

The technology is a classic pasteurization (at a temperature of 95-98 degrees Celsius), in which only pathogens are destroyed and the useful properties of milk are preserved. No artificial proteins, powdered, condensed milk, preservatives are added, the company said.

From the middle of June this year milk with the brand “Dimitar Madjarov” is sold in all chain stores and major supermarkets in the country. In the next few months, the company plans to export them to Europe and Asia.

Ongoing investments

Two years ago, the Plovdiv family company invested about BGN 2 million to expand its production list. In 2019, the company entered the segment of organic dairy products, offering yogurt, cheese, yellow cheese, cottage cheese and cream from certified organic production. Again in 2019, “Dimitar Madjarov” launched a new series of functional dairy products – My BifiPro, helping the gastrointestinal tract and the body’s immunity.

They also introduced the GourMeat Tour delicacy series, inspired by various gourmet destinations, and Gourmeat O`Clock – fresh and minced meat on a plate.

In the 2020 pandemic, the company presented a new series of meat products without preservatives under the name “Quality Life” – different types of sausages, and a sausage with freshly ground spices and live yeast. It was created jointly with the company “ProViotic” and contains the good bacterium Lactobacillus plantarum GLP3. It has been researched at Harvard Medical School, at the French Institute for the Meat Industry ADIV, at the Institut Pasteur, at ISUL, and at the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and has been proven to guarantee the longevity of the products.

“Dimitar Madjarov-2” was established in 1991. The company has two divisions – for the production of sausages and meat delicacies and for dairy products prepared according to traditional recipes. The milk processing enterprise is in the town of Stamboliyski with a daily capacity of up to 80 tons of  milk, and the meat processing enterprise is in Plovdiv and can prepare 8-10 tons of finished products per day.

The company offers over 160 dairy and meat products. The production of white brined cheeses and yellow cheeses with the brand “Dimitar Madjarov” began in 1998, and of yogurt – in 2015.

The brand was the first to offer a range of white brined cheeses and yellow cheeses from four types of milk – cow, sheep, goat and buffalo. The company was the first to introduce on the market in 2007 a sausage with a larger diameter – F70, which requires 60 days of precise maturing and drying process.

“Dimitar Madjarov-2” is certified according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 for quality management, according to the International Food Standard – IFS, and since 2015 the dairy products have a Halal certificate. The company is among the few Bulgarian producers that managed to obtain a license to export meat and dairy products to Russia.

The Plovdiv family company exports between 3 and 5% of its production to EU countries, Lebanon, Australia, Dubai, USA, Kuwait, New Zealand and others.

The company’s revenues for 2020 exceed BGN 50.8 million, and the employees in both productions are over 300.

Source: Capital


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