Municipality of Plovdiv with a new website and guidelines for the implementation of cloud platforms in the schools


The educational project of Plovdiv Municipality for the implementation of cloud platforms in the schools, which currently includes 42 educational institutions, has already its own website .

The website contains information about the practical steps a school is taking to launch the cloud platform implementation process. It has been developed a set of useful guidelines for the process of introducing the administrative and teaching staff the work in the “cloud”, as well as for some of the classroom tools of the “cloud” teacher. This includes also the professional social network – Google Educators Group (GEG) Plovdiv – one of the first communities in Bulgaria to provide mutual teacher assistance.

Plovdiv schools are already experimenting with virtual and augmented reality, personal devices for the pupils and new models of classroom organization. Plovdiv is the first municipality in Bulgaria, which employs 10 teachers, certified by Google and another 25 are in the process of preparation.

It has been attached a map of Plovdiv schools, which implement cloud platforms and at what on stage of the process is the school right now. One of the first benefits for the schools is that the communication with “Education Department” of Plovdiv Municipality is in the process of full digitization.

The final goal of the project is the time spent in school to become more enjoyable, practical and useful for both students and their teachers.

The Municipality of Plovdiv offers its experience in favor of other administrations and educational institutions that would like to take such initiative to improve the educational environment in Bulgaria.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Center for Creative Learning –


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