They facilitate the hiring of foreign workers in our country

It is also easier to receive a Blue Card for highly qualified foreign specialists

 The procedure for registering seasonal workers from countries outside the EU for a period of up to 90 days will be alleviated. This is provisioned by amendments in the Regulations on the Implementation of the Labor Migration and Labor Mobility Act, which were adopted by the government.

The procedure for granting access to the labor market to highly qualified foreign specialists for obtaining an EU Blue Card will be facilitated, without prejudice to the rights of Bulgarian workers.

The new texts will no longer require employers to submit documents of education, specialty, legal capacity, professional qualifications and experience of the foreign workers wishing to hire for seasonal work up to 90 days within 12 months. It also removes the requirement to submit copies of advertisements on the Internet, local and national media to the justification for the short-term hiring of foreigners.

The changes will enable employers in the tourism sector to employ in due time the necessary temporary and short-term workforce while preserving the quality of the services offered and the growth of foreign tourists in Bulgaria.

With other changes of the Regulations, documents are being reduced to obtain a decision from the Employment Agency for access to highly qualified employment for workers from non-EU countries in connection with the receipt of a Blue Card. The employers will not be required to submit a declaration for third-country employees employed in the company who are hired under a labor contract.

EU Blue Card holders are mainly employed in the information and communication technology sector, which has a high potential for development, and facilitating procedures will help to provide the necessary staff that are lacking on the Bulgarian labor market.


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