Тhe world’s largest football analysis company enters Plovdiv

Today we can say “Welcome” to the world’s largest football analysis company.

Football Radar opens its office in Plovdiv and our city is the first location not only in Bulgaria, but also in Eastern Europe.

Our management priorities are to make Plovdiv a more attractive place for business development. Over the years, we have achieved much success, which is also measured by the fact that unemployment rate is low – 3% and industries with better added value find a lasting place here.

So far, analyzes have shown that over 6,000 people are occupied in the IT and outsourcing industry and they are mostly young people.

“Football radar” is not a betting company. The company was established in 2009. It performs profound football analyzes for the championships around the world; Processes for creating new statistical models and innovative methods for accurate analysis of football matches; Development of software products that make simulations of the game.

Having a team of some of the most intelligent football experts gives them a competitive advantage over everyone else in the industry. The company’s commitment to comprehensive testing and innovations combined with a truly deep understanding of football worldwide holds the company at the forefront of “The football Intelligence”.

The strongly developed company methodology, a combination of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques, is implemented in real time for all major world championships. The company offers an analysis of a huge volume of football teams and footballers to minimize risk and increase security in the transfer market.

The company provides and has a wide range of consultants, excellent football experts, good software specialists and a database of football predictions. Every year, the company analyzes 30,000 football games. Surveys can be done in real time, as well as later.

Some of the things the company deals are: forecasts for future bets, gathering information about the players, which is given to the clubs to decide whether to buy the respective player at the price at which he is offered.

By the beginning of August, the office of the company in Plovdiv will be open, initially employing 10-12 people, but the trend is to reach 200. In general, they will gather information. They must be valuable people who love and understand football, who live and breathe with football.

For more information on application terms and details about the company, read here:



1. footballradar.com

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