Milara invests EUR 10 million in an e-vehicle factory

Milara invests EUR 10 million in an e-vehicle factory

Bulgaria will be one of the leading manufacturers of electric trucks in the near future.


The Sevic V500e electric vehicle was built in Plovdiv and has already been certified by the European Automobile Organization UTAS for road traffic in the European Union – as announced by the Ministry of Innovation and Development.

Bulgarian electric trucks will be manufactured using 100% renewable energy sources. The first 500 units are already up to date and intended for export. They receive great interest from Western Europe and the United States.  The vehicles will be entirely Made in Bulgaria.

The battery of the electric truck allows a mileage of 300 km. and a capacity of up to 600 kg, which is especially beneficial in trade.

Milara International plans to build a new factory for another EUR 10 million, with an output of 1000 e-trucks annually. 

Milara specializes in the development of robotic technologies with locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. The company was founded in 2006 in Plovdiv and has been manufacturing electric trucks for over a year and a half. Milara is also a leading international provider of silicon wafer automation solutions for the United States, Europe and Asia. The company’s portfolio includes the production of high-tech tools for silicon wafers processing, such as automation modules (EFEM), silicon wafer manipulators, copiers, sorting machinery, robots, ect. Sevic created a joint venture with Milara International in December 2019. 


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