Karanikolov: Electronic governance is a strategic priority for Bulgaria

The investments in e-government and IT are a key factor for economic growth, said the Minister of Economy

The digital transformation of the administration is a process that is a prerequisite for efficiency, transparency and accountability of administrative structures in the interest of the citizens and the business. This was stated by the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov during the opening of the Forum on “eGovernment, eProcurement and eHealth”. The event is organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and by the Trade office of the US Embassy.

Karanikolov pointed out that e-governance is not just a digitization of administrative processes, but a radical change of the model of administrative service. “It will allow citizens and business to save time and money in obtaining administrative services and get rid of the burdensome role of intermediaries between different administrative structures.”

In his words, the investments in e-governance and information technologies are a key factor for the economic growth.

Karanikolov also pointed out that the rapid development of new technologies as well as the digitalization of the economy provide strategic opportunities not only to modernize the economy, but also to make the production more competitive, more ecological and more resource and materials efficient, more adaptive to the specific needs of the customers and the users. “One of the main areas where the transformation processes of digitization of the economy can be useful is the implementation and the development of e-governance “.


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