The factory for production of airplane parts near Plovdiv opens in March

The factory “Latecoere” opens this spring near Plovdiv, found out The foundations of the new production site were laid in September 2017, the expectations are that is will start work in March 2018, as it was said by the company.

In the factory near Plovdiv will be produced small meetings for airplane doors and electrical cupboards, designed for the electronic part of the airplanes. The entire area of the factory is 5000 sq. meters, for the first 3 years the investment will reach 15 mln. euro, initially they will hire 200 workers.

“Plovdiv Municipality is among the municipalities structurally determining the industry for Bulgarian enterprises, recognized as an industrial center and economically active zone. For us it is a big honor that a company of a world level will work in our country and will start production in one of the highly developing technically and rapidly expanding sectors”, commented the deputy minister Mr. Lachezar Borisov during the symbolic turning the first sod.


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