The team of one of the most watched shows „BBC The Travel Show“ is in Plovdiv

The team of one of the most watched shows „BBC The Travel Show“ is in Plovdiv

Ancient_Stadium_Plovdiv1-204x300This week Plovdiv is а host to The Travel Show – leading travel show of BBC World News in the UK. The motto of the show is “The most interesting stories and the most exciting places around the world” and is a direct descendant of the long-lived travel program Fast Track. The show starts at the end of February this year, broadcasts 5 times a week and is watched by over 80 million viewers worldwide.

The team of the program is here at the invitation of The Municipality of Plovdiv and the visit is a result of the participation of the city in the tourism fair in London WTM in November 2013.

The editor of the worldwide popular series Fast Track, Mike London, was impressed by the uniqueness of the city and the fact that it is among the oldest cities in the world. The show is led by the charming Krista Laruud, that presents travel programs from over 50 countries the last 15 years, many of which BBC, Travel Show and Lonely Planet. Behind the camera of the show is Tom Hyuitan who shot in many different places around the world and has experience in working on programs for travel, adventure and education.

The journalists from the BBC World News will focus on the current archaeological researches in the ancient and the modern center of Plovdiv, the means in which they will be exposed and their direct relationship to the tourism in the city. They will capture the workflow, they will interview the archaeologists about their expectations, the future discoveries and the reasons to make such huge investments.

The team of The Travel Show is also interested in international architectural competition, which was initiated by The Municipality of Plovdiv for the reconstruction of The Central Square. Another accent in the movie will be the antique sites, which besides being tourist attractions are converted into modern cultural scenes. That is why the show will place focus on the International Folklore Festival, which is held at the same time in the city.

This huge interest of foreign journalists is a result of the growing popularity of Plovdiv in the field of cultural heritage and recent archaeological findings. These activities are part of the positioning of the city as one of the strongest candidates for the “European Capital of Culture 2019”. The BBC team will present in front of its 80-million audience the heart of the city – its rich ancient heritage, which can compete with world-famous cultural destinations.

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