Bulgaria is in the first place in EU as female entrepreneurs, occupied in the ICT sector

Our country is also a leader in the share of girls, studying ICT, according to Eurostat

Almost 8 million people in the European Union were employed in the ICT sector by 2015, according to current data of Eurostat. Bulgaria is the EU country, where women occupied in the sector have the largest share – 28%, followed by Romania – 27%. One in four ladies in our country has been occupied in the ICT sector. At the bottom of the list are the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, where men account for about 90% of all employed in the industry. For the EU as a whole, the share of women in the ICT sector is only 16%.


Bulgaria is the EU leader and in the number of girls, studying ICT. Every third ICT student (34%) in our country is a girl, according to Eurostat data. Following are Belgium with 33% and Greece with 31%. At the other end of the list are the Netherlands with 6%, Luxemburg with 8% and Slovenia with 10%. Only 17% of all ICT young people in the EU were female.



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