The unemployment in Bulgaria has fallen to a record level

According to the data of the Eurostat, the unemployment rate is lowest since at least 2000
The unemployment in Bulgaria reached a record low level in June on a monthly basis – 4.8%, according to Eurostat’s latest seasonal data, released on Tuesday.
This is the lowest level of unemployment in Bulgaria since January 2000, when Eurostat started to collect data for Bulgaria.
On an annual basis, there is a serious decline, as the unemployment in June 2017 was 6.2%, or it was by 1.4% higher. The unemployed in Bulgaria in the sixth month of the year were 160 000, or 49 000 less, compared to June 2017, and 5000 less on a monthly basis.
The rate of youth unemployment in the country continues to decline, reaching 10.9%. For comparison, this is only 0.2 % less than in May, but 3.3 % below the value for the same period last year. A total of 16 000 young people under the age of 25 were unemployed in the sixth month of the year.
The unemployment in the European Union (EU), as a whole, remains unchanged in June, on a monthly basis it is 6.9%. On an annual basis, however, it declined from 7.6% in June 2017, which is difference of 0.7 percentage points. This is the lowest unemployment rate since May 2008. The unemployed in the region during the sixth month of the year were a total of 17,105 million people.
As for the eurozone the unemployment remained unchanged, as a whole, in June compared to May 2018 at a level of 8.3%. On an annual basis, there is a more significant decrease – from 0.7 percentage points. Thus, the unemployment rate in the eurozone reaches its lowest level since December 2008. The unemployed in the region in June were 13.57 million.
Among the EU Member States, the lowest unemployment rates in June 2018 were reported in the Czech Republic (2.4%) and Germany (3.4%). Highest unemployment rates are observed in Greece (20.2% in April 2018) and in Spain (15.2%).
On an annual basis, the unemployment rate in the sixth month of the year declined in all member states. The largest declines were reported in Cyprus (from 11.0% to 8.2%), Portugal (from 9.1% to 6.7%) and Croatia (from 11.1% to 9.2%).

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