Profilink invests in smart technology and equipment

Plovdiv’s Profilink is investing in smart machines and technologies in order to digitize and robotize production processes.


Their latest innovation is the introduction of their own MES system – manufacturing executive system, which is applied in all production resources and is made by the company’s Devops team. It is a software solution that ensures that quality and efficiency are built into the production process and applied proactively and systematically. MES generates thousands of data per second, synchronizing and connecting in real time all production activities for optimal performance. The system allows precise analysis of production lines, predicting future discrepancies. In practice, an MES system can control and track all aspects of production.

“Our mission is to offer our customers the best product solution, manufacturing high quality and reliable products that we are proud of. Even before the pandemic, the last 3-4 years were extremely difficult, and the raw materials were increasing [in price] and continue to increase continuously. For example, the price of PVC, which is our main raw material, tripled within a year. Under such difficult market conditions, we managed to create a solid foundation for development with good teams “, says Milko Ivanchev – Plant Manager of the PVC plant in” Profilink “Ltd.

Of the 25 production lines that the company had, currently 16 are optimized, 6 of them with latest generation DG line. Their biggest advantage is that they have all-digital management and control – making them part of Industry 4.0.

“They can all communicate, work together in sync and are controlled by one display only.

And if we assume that in the older lines the average extrusion speed is 3-3.5 m per minute, then the new lines and tools allow this to happen at 5-5.5 m per minute. In this regard, it was important to ensure better cooling of the profiles. For this purpose, we have built a central cooling water system, which achieves optimal temperature regulation, as well as a central vacuum system, necessary for the manufacturing of a quality product. Indeed, serious investments have been made in this difficult time, when the need for smart machines and technologies has become even more pressing, but without the human factor they would not be enough. That is why we are constantly striving to improve and develop our teams “, added Mr. Ivanchev.

As a proven leader in the industry and among the leading manufacturers of PVC profiles in Europe, “Profilink” has been present on the world market for 30 years.

Source: Maritsa

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