Plovdiv – fastest developing city in Bulgaria

“Plovdiv is the fastest developing and growing city in Bulgaria, which means that the infrastructure must develop extremely quickly to meet its needs” – said the regional manager of EVN Alexander Sipek, minutes after the opening of the stationary electricity substation “Evmolpia” in Plovdiv.


The new facilities are completely silent and cover the central and eastern part of the city of Plovdiv, where in recent years the construction of new sites has increased, requiering additional network capacity, Sipek added.

The installed power is 50 MVA with the ability to reach 100 MVA. The substation is completely closed type and is connected to the network through an underground cable line, without overhead lines or poles leading to it. The building is one-storey, with a monolithic reinforced concrete structure and sound insulation. The management, constant control and monitoring of the substation are carried out remotely through telemechanics from the dispatch center of EVN, which was opened in June this year in Plovdiv.

This way, the company meets the need to increase capacity. The population of Plovdiv has also increased, which implies development of the economy. That is why measures are being taken to increase the power supply, added the regional manager of EVN. With the new project of EVN Bulgaria, the company’s investments for the Plovdiv region since 2005 have exceeded 500 000 leva (250 000 EUR).

20211028_evn-evmolpia5-scaledEvmolpia substation, bearing one of the ancient names of Plovdiv, is the second EVN substation. The first such EVN substation was built in 2011 near the village of Tsaratsovo near the entrance of the Trakia Highway to Plovdiv.

The next big investment of the company will be the water boilers in the District Heating, he added. In 2022 the company will mark 2 billion worth of investments in Bulgaria.

Source and photos: Pod tepeto

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