Fifty companies from Plovdiv region will increase their export worldwide

Fifty Bulgarian companies from Plovdiv region have successfully completed their training in the eBay Export Revival program for export promotion, aiming to support small and medium-sized enterprises to sell online. In the first initiative of this kind in Bulgaria there were involved companies from different sectors, as a result of which the eBay global platform already offers a variety of goods manufactured in Plovdiv region – from cosmetics to fashion and toys, home goods, automotive goods, goods for the garden and for free time.

The initiative was supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Municipality of Plovdiv. The ultimate goal of the initiative is for the manufacturers to learn how to sell online effectively and what are the features of a product presentation so they can make successful sales. At the end of the four-week training, the participants had their own managed inventory stores on a popular platform, and some of the companies had registered their first sales.

“I am very pleased that eBay selected Plovdiv and Bulgaria for their first training for the starting-up online retailers in the region. The entrepreneurial environment and the industry are developing very dynamically and e-commerce is an important part of this development, especially for start-ups. I am sure that eBay has made a good selection of entrepreneurs for their training and we will soon see serious sellers among them.”, commented Mr. Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor of Education, Business Development, European Policies and International Cooperation of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

The online stores of the participating companies are accessible to 182 million eBay customers worldwide and meet the most up-to-date requirements for convenient functionality and accessibility. The products of the companies participating in the program are presented on a specially designed page Made in Bulgaria, which eBay committed to create in order to draw the attention of buyers from all over the world to local production. Made in Bulgaria page also includes video presentations of some of the sellers from Plovdiv city. More than 8,000 products of the companies that participated in the program are already available on the global platform – from babies’ goods and handmade soaps to automotive parts and fashion.

Bulgaria is the first Eastern European country to join the specialized eBay Export Revival program to help local business owners offer their unique products to millions of buyers around the world. The city of Plovdiv was selected to hold training sessions, being among the fastest growing industrial centers of the country.

Export Revival is part of the global eBay Retail Revival initiative, which has already taken place in over 10 cities in the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Israel and Russia, which has launched successful international sales for hundreds of businesses.

“Bulgaria is very important market in our portfolio, which is why Plovdiv became the first city in the region to participate in our global Export Revival initiative aimed to develop local businesses. Plovdiv has many talented and successful entrepreneurs who are destined to find many new clients outside Bulgaria. This became clear to us when we received hundreds of applications for the program this summer. Today, we are proud that 50 new businesses in Plovdiv region have successfully completed the program and joined the community of more than 10,000 eBay sellers from Bulgaria. We are very grateful to our partners from the Municipality of Plovdiv, the Ministry of Economy and the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, as well as to our business partners, who have been cooperating with us on this long journey. We look forward to thousands of international sales on our platform for all the participants in the project,” said Ilya Kretov, General Manager of eBay for Eastern Europe, Russia and Israel.

In all the cities where the initiative has taken place, there has been an economic revive and an increase in the exports of locally produced products.


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