The Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov and the President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences opened the first of its kind Center for Mechatronics and Nanotechnology in Bulgaria

1 (4)The Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov and the President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski opened the first of its kind Research Center for Mechatronics and Nanotechnology in Bulgaria. It was established by the Central Laboratory of Applied Physics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Plovdiv. The equipment has a total value of 5.5 million BGN and is used for research and development of new functional materials (including nanostructured and nano-sized), and for the creation of modern eco-friendly technology for their production.

The research center consists of a Clean Room – Class 100,000 with two parts – Technological and Research. They include modern equipment and innovative products for transfer in mechanical engineering, metalworking, energy, medicine and dentistry. The Center aims at creating new materials for surface modification. The products are applicable in many areas of the industry including mechanical engineering, aircraft construction and automotive. The coatings produced here are also used in medicine, orthopedics and stent coating. All this was explained in a presentation delivered by Assoc. Prof. Lilyana Kolaklieva, Deputy Director of the Central Laboratory of Applied Physics at BAS – Plovdiv.

The Center in Plovdiv serves as an example of the synergy of science, production, and business. Its clients amount to over 30 Bulgarian and international companies. The equipment in the two parts of the Clean Room creates conditions for additional upgrading with high-tech modules, which allows for continuous improvement of the functionality of the research infrastructure created so far – explained the Head of the Center Prof. Rumen Kakanakov. Parts of the equipment are entirely made here with projects provided by the Central Laboratory of Applied Physics, and are carried out by local companies. The construction of the Research Center covers the period 2007-2020 and is the result of several projects, the last of which, project BG05M2OP001-1.001-0008 “National Center for Mechatronics and Clean Technologies”, is under OP “Science and Education for Smart Growth”.

“I would like to thank the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which is constantly developing applied science allowing the Bulgarian industry to benefit from it. Plovdiv is the center of the most developed industrial zone in Bulgaria, which is home to hundreds of Bulgarian and international companies with over 74 000 employees. Even in times of crisis, the companies are recovering, and have begun hiring people and exporting products. Research centers, such as the one we are founding, act as an important bridge between the business and science, and make the Bulgarian economy stronger and more competitive.” concluded the Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov during the opening.

“I want to congratulate my colleagues from Plovdiv for completing this huge project in such а short period of time. This laboratory of applied physics is an example of how research leads to innovation and I am glad that this is happening in Plovdiv. The fact that so many companies are connected to our laboratory shows that. It is impressive that there are foreign companies that are keen to work with us. This rarely happens in Bulgaria “, added the President of BAS, Acad. Julian Revalski.

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