SPARK is now in Plovdiv

sparkSPARK – the electric car sharing service, is now available on the territory of Plovdiv. Locals will have the opportunity to travel ecologically to any part of the city and park in the “blue zone” and a number of partner locations completely free of charge. SPARK also offers the opportunity for a Business Account, through which companies can provide their employees with economical and environmentally friendly travel options.

As SPARK already operates on the territory of Sofia, each user will be able to travel between the capital and Plovdiv, and leave the car in the desired destination. The company has made sure that the road between the two cities, as well as on the territory of Plovdiv, is equipped with charging stations provided by their partners from Eldrive, where charging is free for SPARK users.

More information on car rental, charging method and other can be found in the SPARK app, or on their website.

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