There are nearly 1.4 million people living in the South Central Region as of 2022, with the population living 45 minutes from the Plovdiv industrial zones being almost 800 000.

The high quality of life in Plovdiv attracts people from all over the country and abroad, with latest official data showing that the City of Plovdiv is the fastest growing among the big cities in Bulgaria.

Moreover, trends in the last few years show that the number of people moving in from abroad and Sofia to Plovdiv is much higher than those leaving. Record-breaking 18 000 people settled in the City in 2020 and 2021, highest of all big cities in Bulgaria – even the capital.

Plovdiv is also home to over 20 000 foreigners who live, work and study here – with the vibrant expat community increasing with 10% every year. The great work-life balance and unique cultural atmosphere draw in people from all over the world with statistics showing that nearly 30% of the migration towards the district is from other countries.

The rapid economic development, the success of the industrial zones and business services, winning the title of European Capital of Culture and the high quality of life are among the main reasons for the positive development of the city.

vibrant expat community
(metropolitan area)
university students
people under 45 years of age

Labor Market

Industrial leader in Bulgaria with 15% of all jobs in manufacturing and a booming IT&BPO destination.

Companies that choose Plovdiv for their new investment destination have access to human capital consisting of many well-trained specialists, with potential to create high added value for various sectors. The labor market in the District of Plovdiv outnumbers 200 000 people most of whom are in the manufacturing (71 200) and the business and consumer services sectors (83 500).

Manufacturing hotspot

The region is home to some of the fastest growing industrial zones in Southeast Europe, where more than 200 local and international companies operate. In the last few years Plovdiv has began transforming into a hotspot for high-tech companies and has seen investments worth hundreds of millions in the fields of electronics, e-vehicles, mechatronics, etc. In return, manufacturing contributed to about 40% of the local economic product in 2020.

Thanks to its strategic location and excellent connectivity, the region has aslo established itself as a leading transport and logistics center. The specialized industrial zones around the city are well connected, both with the city itself and with all main transport links in the country.

Booming technology center

The city is also the second IT & BPO center in Bulgaria, which brings balance to the local economy. IT & BPO & B2B are among the most dynamically developing sectors in recent years with over 200 Bulgarian and international companies and over 7,000 employees in IT and Outsourcing alone. Trends from recent years show steady growth in jobs and suggest an increase of nearly 5 000 new ones over the next 3 to 5 years.