Google recognizes Plovdiv’s successful digitalization of the educational process

The program for digitalization of the educational process in municipal schools in Plovdiv was recognized as a role model in a new press release from Google, focused on the effects of the pandemic on educational processes around the world and the growing need for their digitalization.

The company also announced the launch of a new fund to support the digitalisation of schools in Europe. The budget is 15 million euro and aims to support educational institutions in the integration of technologies in the classroom by encouraging the participation of SMEs.

Google - Община Пловдив  (1)“The way we teach and learn has changed. We have all seen the world shift dramatically during the pandemic – homes have become classrooms and technology has become the link between teachers and students. With the return of the learning process to schools, it is important to maintain and develop the skills that students and teachers have already acquired,” the statement said.

This is the main goal of the new Google fund. It is open to local SMEs that support national digital education projects funded by the Recovery and Sustainability Program. They can apply for funding to cover Google’s digital equipment and software, and contribute to the development of digital competences and competitiveness of students and teachers. You can see the company’s statement here.

“We have already seen impactful ways in which this can work across the EU. The Municipality of Plovdiv in Bulgaria exemplifies the type of digital education transformation program that the Google Digital Education Fund intends to support.,” the text reads.

Plovdiv’s role as a pioneer in the integration of cloud platforms in Bulgaria is also highlighted. “Plovdiv’s ‘School in the Cloud’ program has become a benchmark for the whole of Bulgaria and has led to widespread distribution of the Google for Education platform, with over 10,000 trained teachers (over 1,000 of them certified by Google) and the use of thousands Chromebooks in the country.”

In 2019 Language High School “Ivan Vazov”became the first Google Reference School in all of Eastern Europe. There are already 4 certified schools in the city, out of 8 in the country. By 2019, all schools in Plovdiv had integrated cloud platforms in the education process. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the schools in Plovdiv took advantage of the technologies at their disposal and very quickly managed to organize the learning process. During the first two weeks of distance learning, over 90% of children between grades 4-12 began to use their personal profiles at school on a daily basis.

Last week, the US Ambassador to Bulgaria H.E. Herro Mustafa visited LHS Ivan Vazov to get acquainted with the progress. Her Excellency was impressed by the fact that 1/3 of the children in it are enrolled in 1:1 classes where each student and teacher works with a personal computer and the whole process is carried out in the cloud – textbooks, homework, classroom work, tests, etc. eliminating the need for paper. Currently, there are 13 schools in the city that are actively working on the 1:1 model with a total of 55 classes.

Google - Община Пловдив  (5)Google - Община Пловдив  (1)Google - Община Пловдив  (4)

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