Plovdiv has 32.70% annual growth of foreign tourists

Plovdiv has 32.70% annual growth of foreign tourists

antichenThe number of spent nights in Plovdiv for 2014 is increased by 18% compared to 2013 as for Bulgarian tourists the increase is with almost 9% and foreign by 32.70%. The growth in arrivals was 9.78% compared to the last year, and the increase of tourists from Bulgaria is by 11.10%, the  growth in foreigners is by 7.53%. Altogether more than 600,000 tourists visited the city in 2014. In the past two years Plovdiv successfully developed as a leading destination for cultural, historical and event tourism in the country. According to the latest statistics of visitors and spent nights in the city for 2014 it is seen a steady growth in many of the indicators. The analysis of the results speaks for a strong year for tourism in Plovdiv and the region.

The revenues from the tourist taxes increased by 22.28% for 2013 to 235,670 BGN levs, compared to the same period in 2014 when there were 288,176 BGN levs. Total revenues of tourist taxes and categorizations fees have increased by 15% – 326, 866 BGN levs and the growth in tourist centers is approximately 20%. At present the available beds for accommodation in Plovdiv Municipality is approximately 4300 beds and in the past year they were increased by 300.

This growth is mainly due to the successful promotion of the city as a leading destination for cultural, historical and event tourism. The award “European Capital of Culture for 2019” and all launched projects and events, the rich cultural program that is implemented, ensure sustainable growth of tourists. Numerous events and festivals lead to a steady flow of Bulgarian and foreign visitors.

In 2015 Plovdiv Municipality will support the promotion of the city as an attractive tourist city through participation in major national and international tourism fairs and exhibitions. Priority of the administration is to continue this trend in order to establish the city as an attractive tourist destination in foreign markets, to attract even more visitors and to increase the period of their stay in tourist sites located within the municipality. The forecast of visitors growth and the spent nights will continue its move upward during the new year and will achieve sustainable growth. We are expecting the small business  in 2015 will continue to develop in the field of hospitality, medium and large scale business will consolidate its positions in these activities.

The good results are due to the successful cooperation of Plovdiv Municipality with hoteliers, restaurateurs and industry organizations such as The Tourism Council, The Tourist Thracian Region, The Association of guides, The Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents, Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, Ministry of Tourism, and others. The local administration actively works with the business. At the end of 2014 the city hosted the Fifth International Meeting of the tour operatours which aims to popularize Bulgaria, Plovdiv and the region as a competitive tourist destinations, suitable to visit year round. In 2015 we plan other events of high international level aiming to contribute to place the city on the map of cultural and event tourism.

Statistics about the spent nights and visitors in Class A and class B accommodations in The Municipality of Plovdiv, according to data of NSI and The Municipality of Plovdiv.

Accomplished nights spent – Total

Accomplished nights spent – Bulgarians

Accomplished nights spent – foreigners

Nights spent – Totals

Nights spent – Bulgarians

Nights spent – foreigners

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