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Access to Utilities


The entire Plovdiv region has a modern power distribution infrastructure. All towns and villages in the region have access to electricity. Since 2005, power supply and distribution in the South-East Bulgaria has been privatized to EVN Bulgaria (part of EVN AG – Austria). The company has invested over BGN 1.5 billion (approx. EUR 770 million) during the last 12 years to improve the electricity grid as major customer services.

Natural gas

The region of Plovdiv benefits from the fact that it is on the route of both an international transit (Russia-Greece-Macedonia) and a national transit gas pipeline. Several of the municipalities have access to the pipeline which constitutes the Southern Transit Half-Ring. There are 8 automatic gas-regulating stations (i.e. exit points of the transit network) in the Plovdiv region, which make the connection of large industrial gas consumers to the transit grid possible. Companies can benefit from the emerging liberalized gas market and wholesale prices. The available capacity is sufficient for a considerable increase in gas consumption.

Water and sewage

A state-owned utility company – Water & Sewage SJSCo, Plovdiv – is in charge of water supply, sewage and waste water treatment in most of the municipalities in the region of Plovdiv. The network services 14 towns and 201 villages, or a total of about 700 thousand customers. The fresh water supply covers 100% of the populated areas, while sewage is available to about 75% of the customers. The utility company runs 3 waste water treatment plants in the region.

New users have to apply to the utility company which in turn ensures that all necessary conditions for connection to the supply and sewage infrastructure are met. The process is part of the overall procedure for new construction development. The investor pays for any additional costs for new construction and expansion of the water supply and sewage network, including new pipes, etc.