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  • Industrial leader – over 200 international and Bulgarian companies
  • Over 70,000 employees in manufacturing
  • Second IT & BPO center
  • Leader in the Automotive & Mechatronics sector
  • € 4.9 billion GDP (7.6% of Bulgaria)

Plovdiv – the industrial heart and second IT & Outsourcing center in Bulgaria

Industrial leader

The region is home to some of the fastest growing industrial zones in Southeast Europe, where more than 200 local and international companies operate. The sector is also a leader in jobs – over 70,000 more than 20,000 of them in Automotive and Mechatronics. This has helped established Plovdiv as a leader in the Automotive & Mechatronics sector, which forms over 1/5 of the added value of the same for the country. In return, manufacturing contributed to about 40% of the local economic product in 2020. 

Thanks to its strategic location and excellent connectivity, the region has aslo established itself as a leading transport and logistics center. The specialized industrial zones around the city are well connected, both with the city itself and with all main transport links in the country.

A thriving technology center

The city is also the second IT & BPO center in Bulgaria, which brings balance to the local economy. IT & BPO & B2B are among the most dynamically developing sectors in recent years with over 200 Bulgarian and international companies and over 7,000 employees in IT and Outsourcing alone. Trends from recent years show steady growth in jobs and suggest an increase of nearly 5,000 new ones over the next 3 to 5 years.

Bulgaria as a whole is very competitive worldwide and is ranked among the most attractive outsourcing destinations in Europe and in the world according to the Global Services Allocation Index compiled by the international consulting company AT Kearney.

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Investment and GDP

Plovdiv’s gross domestic product amounts to € 4.9 billion per year, which is 7.6% of that of the country. Investment activity in the Plovdiv region has been high in recent years. Purchases of fixed assets in the region amount to more than € 861 million per year. Plovdiv has a very balanced mix of investments that are distributed in different sectors of the economy. About 23% of the investment, or € 185 million, is dedicated to the production of equipment and machinery, which enchances the productivity of the local economy. Nearly 5% of all fixed asset acquisitions are made by IT and business services companies.


Boasting a myriad of ancient historical sites, Plovdiv is a preferred tourist destination for both foreign and Bulgarian tourists. When it comes to the former the city marks a 28% growth since 2015. Local hotel business adds 3% to the annual production. 12% of the region’s production is generated by retail trade.