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Potential of IT and BPO in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is the second most important city in Bulgaria, according to its demographics and the second outsourcing destination after Sofia with over 19 200 employees in the IT & BPO sector. The city attracts workforce from all regions. A highly developed education system from nationally renowned high schools and universities serves as a good resource for the IT and outsourcing industries. There is a growing interest in dual training, including from the businesses, with an increase in the number of open dual-education classes. Moreover, the education system is becoming more adaptable and open to collaboration with the business, to the introduction of collaborative courses, internships and industry-oriented programs.


Great possibilities for staff sourcing

The high demand for a highly skilled workforce in the outsourcing sector lays the foundation for a strong collaboration between educational institutions and outsourcing companies. The high schools in Plovdiv have a tradition of offering a very high level of education. Among the elite high schools in the city are: Mathematics High School, “Plovdiv” Language High School (advanced study of English and German), “Ivan Vazov” Language High School, French Language High School, National Commerce High School and others. Many of the employees in companies requiring a high level of foreign language knowledge or highly developed analytical and mathematical knowledge have graduated from these high schools. Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, as well as the Technical University – Sofia, Plovdiv branch, have a tradition in preparing good mathematicians and programmers. The Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in the city of Plovdiv is a source of specialists working with visuals and design. As a general practice, companies select their staff in early stages of higher education.

Advantages compared to Sofia and other big cities

Compared to the capital, as in other pages outsourcing destinations, the second largest city offers a number of advantages. Most importantly, in Sofia, more private employees are concentrated in upper-class positions in public administration, finance and B2B services, which is a factor for tight competition in the labor demand. In Plovdiv, by contrast, the labor market is not characterized by this intense competition for talent as well as for middle-management employees. Moreover, Plovdiv seems to be appraised as a city of higher quality of life than Sofia (due to less traffic and urban stress, possibilities to reach work place by bicycle, good public transportation, etc.).  Employees in Plovdiv enjoy the city and its opportunities for, sports, culture and arts. Compared to other big cities along the coast, employers in Plovdiv do not face the fierce competition for middle-class employees by the tourism industry. Last but not least, Plovdiv is only an hour’s drive from Sofia International Airport.

Developing IT&BPO ecosystem 

IT and outsourcing is a rapidly growing industry in Plovdiv. The dynamics of this industry over the past few years have gone hand in hand with the creation of the first co-working spaces, business clusters and special events. Plovdiv Municipality has recognized its role as a first choice for new investors, providing valuable assistance, especially in its relations with universities. Currently, one of the most important priorities for the city is the development and promotion of a business-friendly IT and outsourcing ecosystem.