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Although it is one of the most burdensome and costly administrative procedure in Bulgaria and throughout Europe, the municipality of Plovdiv is providing a clear and relatively short workflow in terms of both number of procedures and timeframe of execution.The municipality is steadily improving the regimes and providing investors with assistance and guidance in dealing with other authorities involved in the process. Beside the municipality administration, the following institutions are involved in the process of getting construction permit and thereafter: Power company, Water company, Cadastre Agency, Environmental Agency. In certain special cases and bigger projects there would be other institutions involved as well such as: National Construction Control Agency, Fire Department, Road Agency.
TIt would take 105 days from the moment of applying for certificate for project planning (step 1 in the workflow) to the moment of getting a certificate of operational building (final step). The total administratively imposed cost would be EUR 35,846. The biggest part (78%) of this being remuneration for construction supervision company. That cost does not include cost of connection to the power and water grids.
There would be 16 steps in dealing with the whole process, which includes also the process of dealing with the Power Company. A comparison of the World Bank has shown that the average number of steps in OECD is 12, and in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is 15. The process takes substantially less time in Plovdiv than in the average destination from Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and even less than the developed economies of OECD.
number of procedures 16 15.1 12.1
time (days) 105) 160.7 152.1