Companies in Plovdiv produced EUR 6.5 billion in 2021

Companies in Plovdiv produced EUR 6.5 billion in 2021

At the height of the COVID pandemic in 2021, the output produced by non-financial enterprises in Bulgaria reached BGN 215 billion (EUR 107.5b). The Capital Municipality dominates with BGN 81 billion – nearly 38% of the total in the country. Followed by Plovdiv with BGN 13 billion, Varna – BGN 9 billion, Burgas – BGN 6 billion, and Ruse – BGN 5 billion. Thus, the leading 5 municipalities produce more than half of the production in the country, according to the Institute for Market economy.

The municipalities of Maritsa, Rakovski and Saedinenie are among the leading ones in our country where production is seeing a rapid recivery. According to Institute for Market Economy data, for the same period over BGN 1 billion was produced in 31 municipalities – mainly in the regional centers. Outside of them, where a large part of production comes from services, production is high in some smaller mining, energy or processing centers such as Maritsa, Rakovski, Galabovo, Radnevo, Sevlievo, Devnya.

Positive effects are also seen in terms of output, as a comparison of 2021 data with 2020, the worst pandemic year, shows recovery on state-wide levels . In 2020, the value decreased in 161 municipalities, while in 2021, a relatively limited decrease was recorded in only 23 of the municipalities.

Source: Maritsa

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