Global company for medical equipment is building a new plant for 20 million BGN in Plovdiv

договор инфраструктура_BTL (1)The Ministry of Economy and the Municipality of Plovdiv will fund the construction of two streets

договор инфраструктура_BTL (3)

The Minister of Economy Lachezar Borisov and the Mayor of Plovdiv Zdravko Dimitrov signed a contract worth 1.027 million BGN regarding the project for the construction of a high-tech factory for production of electronic medical equipment by BTL Industries Bulgaria. The investment amounts to 20 million BGN and is expected to create 200 new jobs.

The company, which received a “Class A” investment certificate last year, is among the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech medical equipment. Moreover, BTL has been manufacturing most of its products in the city under the hills for more than a decade.

Last week, the Council of Ministers made a decision to allocate funds from the budget of the Ministry of Economy for construction and repair activities of the infrastructure adjacent to the new production base. This follows BTL’s purchase of the former Pulpudeva factory buildings last year, and the beginning of the certification and design process for the new high-tech plant.

“Plovdiv, with its dynamic development, has become the industrial center of Bulgaria. In times of crisis our country is performing very well, with its certified projects being mainly in the fields of manufacturing and high-tech services. Since the beginning of the year these projects are worth over 710 million BGN and have created more than 3 200 jobs” said Lachezar Borisov, Minister of Economy. According to him, the projects related to infrastructure aided by the Ministry, are for over 700 million BGN and over 8 000 jobs. Data from BNB shows growth of foreign direct investment for the first 7 months of 2020 for up to 1.7 billion EUR – that is over 54% more on annual basis.

The Municipality of Plovdiv will support the construction of the new road infrastructure with 600 000 BGN. The money will be included in the budget for 2021.

According to Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov: “In times of crisis, BTL showed flexibility and how to properly adjust to public needs. Such investments ensure the sustainable development of the city and the region as a whole. This is the first investment within Plovdiv with such magnitude and will provide an opportunity for the development of the East Industrial Zone. ”

Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov added that there is an ongoing construction of 6 new plants in the Trakia Economic Zone, and the companies that operate there work with a 90% capacity of employees, despite the spring crisis.

During today’s press conference, the CEO of BTL Georgi Petkov announced the two latest production lines related to the fight against COVID – 19 – respiratory masks of the highest class and of ventilators.

Alongside the production of last generation medical equipment, the company also carries out its R&D activity for such the fields of physiotherapy, cardiology and aesthetic medicine, all in Plovdiv.

BTL’s products are sold in over 120 countries on 6 continents. Over the years, they have received worldwide recognition and numerous awards for innovation and contribution to the advancement of the medical field. Nowadays, they are used by some of the best medical professionals and world-renowned hospitals.

The new high-tech plant for production of electronic medical equipment is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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