The government has allocated 1 million BGN for the construction of two new streets in Plovdiv

BTL - клас А инвеститор - връчване 2019 г.Today, the Council of Ministers allocated 1.027 million BGN to the Municipality of Plovdiv for the construction of two new streets in the East Industrial Zone with respect to BTL Industries Bulgaria’s certification as a Class A investor a year ago. The international company, based in the Czech Republic, is among the leading manufacturers of medical equipment and has been producing most of its products in Plovdiv for over a decade.

In 2019, the company bought the buildings of the former Pulpudeva factory and started a process of certification and design for a new high-tech plant, the construction of which will see a 20 million BGN investment and the establishment of 200 new job vacancies.

Alongside the production of medical equipment, the company executes R&D (research and development) of electronic medical equipment in three areas – physiotherapy, cardiology and aesthetic medicine.
Today, the government approved the financing of public municipal infrastructure under the Investment Promotion Act (IPA).

The budget of the Ministry of Economy will provide funds to the Municipality of Plovdiv for the construction of parts of the municipal road infrastructure – Vladaya Street and a new street, which will serve as a link to Maritsa Blvd. The road reaches the boundaries of the property where the new factory for the production of electronic medical equipment will be built. The new infrastructure will be a part of the Zone and will create conditions for attracting new potential investors.

The team of the Deputy Mayor in charge of business development, Stefan Stoyanov, has been working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and BTL for several years regarding the implementation of the project and the certification of the company.

“This comes as great aid to the Municipality and as a clear sign to the investors that Plovdiv will continue developing as the center of the largest economic zone in Bulgaria and will support companies that invest in the high-tech industries and create conditions for well-paid work” said Zdravko Dimitrov, the Mayor of Plovdiv. He stressed that the municipal team has made great efforts to fulfill the project. “I express my gratitude to the Minister of Economy and the entire government for the quick reaction and support, that even in this difficult year Plovdiv is provided with funds.” added Zdravko Dimitrov.

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