The Industrial map of Bulgaria presents opportunities for education and realization in manufacturing enterprises

Plovdiv Municipality supports the launch of this large-scale project.

750 of the biggest companies in Bulgaria, over 400 colleges and vocational schools and 51 universities are covered by the “Industrial map of Bulgaria”, presented today, April 6, 2017, at the press conference in BTA Sofia. The creators of the project are JobTiger together with the support of Plovdiv Municipality, “Cluster Trakia economic zone” and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

The initiative is a continuation of “Information Career Days” that took place in January and February 2017 aiming the recruitment of specialist for some of the largest manufacturing companies in Trakia economic zone /TEZ/. Svetlozar Petrov, manager of JobTiger, share the results: “Over 1,000 people came to the meetings with employers – a quarter of them – 250 are already in the process of interviewing for a job in Plovdiv. The first actual placements are a fact and the initiative will continue in May and June, and will grow into a national, not only for the enterprises in TEZ. ”

Precisely the huge success of the first meetings with employers from TEZ is the reason to create the Industrial map of Bulgaria – the platform One of the questions that the map meets is what kind of talents are available in every region. The map allows job seekers to find better realization. Besides to help solve the problems of staff shortages, the project is expected to raise again the question about the industrial career in Bulgaria as well as about the development opportunities and a better life, that she actually gives.

Svetlozar Petrov said that is unduly emphasized the thesis that in Bulgaria the industry operates at a slower pace, and there isn’t significant production: “In fact, in recent years, industrial production in the country show growth, exports also. Only the top 750 manufacturing companies included in the newly created Industrial map have annual revenues for 2015 of 38 billion leva /according to the reports of the Commercial register/ and they employ 225,000 people. ”
Stefan Stoyanov, Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality, responsible for the “Education and Business Development”, added that Plovdiv is becoming increasingly popular as a major industrial center and Trakia Economic Zone is one of the largest industrial zones in Eastern Europe. “Over 70,000 people are employed in manufacturing enterprises in Plovdiv and the region, half of the region’s GDP is from the manufacturing. All this together with the development of other sectors led to lower unemployment rate – in Plovdiv it’s 3%, while for the whole region the rate is 6 percent. Thanks to JobTiger that bring together companies from the region who seek talents together and give another opportunity for career development in Bulgaria.” Stoyanov stressed the efforts that Plovdiv Municipality launch for the vocational education: “The program for dual education is gathering speed. Last year in Plovdiv there was only one class, but this year the classes will be 7. Behind each such class is standing a company that invests time and money.”

Eng. Plamen Panchev, chairman of the “Cluster Trakia economic zone” and co-founder of TEZ said that “the lasting result which is achieved by increasing the industry in Bulgaria is a fact and it should be made public so the young to know that they have a future and realization in Bulgaria. The idea of the team of TEZ is to offer more and better conditions for investors, including employees with better education and training. The Bulgarians need to know that they have a realization here. We give an alternative to the people – instead of working in Spain, to come to another Bulgarian city where the conditions are good and the risks are less.”

Chavdar Kamenov is Operative Manager at Sensata Technologies Bulgaria, which operates in Botevgrad, Plovdiv and Sofia and has more than 3,000 employees in Bulgaria at the moment. “Bulgaria is one of the most important locations for Sensata, as evidenced by our investments – 100 million leva are invested last year for our new plant in Plovdiv, as well as for our new test laboratory which is the largest one for the company in the world scale” he said. He stated that the company was one of the participants in the first stage of Information Career Days: “We met a lot of people in cities. That was a big help for our recruitment team. Now we are supporting the second stage of events too, because we see that it’s a good and meaningful step.”
Alexander Panev, Financial Director of Metal Technology Group, which is bringing together leading foundries in Bulgaria, expressed his support for the project: “I am delighted that my colleagues have embraced the idea what is being done to Plovdiv and TEZ to be done for the country. aims to show the other part of the truth about Bulgaria. We hear half of the truth – that in Bulgaria nothing is done and things go wrong, and this is promoted as the whole truth. This is not true. Therefore, we present this platform – to have the other part of the truth and to see what are the possibilities, provided by the manufacturing companies, for a career in Bulgaria for Bulgarians as well as for foreigners.” He added that goods for 24 bln. EUR are exported from Bulgaria in 2016.: “Behind the facades of these companies, that we are talking about today, are manufactured these 24 billion euros. 68% of them are exported to the EU, and we all know that the EU insist on quality products.” will provide an opportunity for the enterprises to explore the commitment of its employees through participation in survey of the commitment. Stoyan Ganev from “Audit advice associates” explain how by publishing the survey results, the employer could present himself better in the labor market. “The fact that manufacturing companies already thinking in this direction is a sign that among them there are some modern and responsible employers,” he said.

Current information about the project is available on the official website of
Contact and additional information:
Blagovesta Pugyova, Operations Manager, JobTiger | [email protected] | 0884006775

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