V. Filipov: Industry 4.0 will completely change the way that we live

How fast we respond to the changes in the world is crucial nowadays, said the NearSoft Managing Director

The standards and strategies for deploying Industry 4.0 in Europe, and in particular in Bulgaria, are no longer considered to be campaign-driven. There is an understanding that this revolution can completely change the way we live and the things we do. This year, there is a sensitivity from the administration, ministries and universities to private business. They are eager to learn, so that we can work together, which is extremely important and necessary for such a transformation. This was stated by Vladimir Filipov, Managing Director of NearSoft, in the program “Development” with the presenter Delian Petrishki.

“Nowadays, it is crucial how fast we respond to changes in the world. The advent of Twitter has suddenly changed the way we do politics,” he added.

The guest explained that industrial revolutions always bring political changes.

“The competition is very fierce now. China has proved as a leading force in artificial intelligence and it is no coincidence that the United States became frightened and started a trade war, “said Filipov.

He also spoke about the preparation of the next budgetary period in Europe.

“In all governing bodies, the leading figures are from Western Europe and no representatives from Eastern Europe. Bulgarian Commissioner Maria Gabriel expressed a desire to reverse this imbalance, ” he said.

According to him, the European Union has correctly chosen digitalization as a top priority for development in the coming years.

“The question is, is Bulgaria ready to join? The problem is finding qualified people, “said Vladimir Filipov.

He explained that Industry 4.0 events are taking place every month across the country, but most of the speakers are foreigners who present their views on the industrial revolution.

“In Bulgaria we should have our own policy on how to introduce digitalization,” the guest added.

Source: https://www.investor.bg/ikonomika-i-politika/332/a/v-filipov-industriia-40-shte-change-izcialo-nachina-po-koito-jiveem-294657/

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