40 000 companies generate a turnover of nearly BGN 27 billion in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is far ahead of Varna and getting even closer to Sofia in almost all sectors


40,000 companies with an annual turnover of nearly BGN 27 billion form the industry and business in Plovdiv. Quite impressive is the automotive sector, which already generates nearly BGN 1.2 billion per year in the district. The largest companies in the local economy operate in the sector – Liebherr in Radinovo with a turnover of BGN 420 million and Hanon Systems near Stryama with revenues of BGN 263 million. Four local companies record turnover of nearly BGN 200 million a year – two in the food sector (VP Brands International and Kamenitza), one in the textile industry (Südvole Group Italy) and another in automotive (Gotmar). A total of 10 companies in the city have over 500 employees, 2 of them have over 1,000 people – “Gotmar” (1165 people) and “Liebherr” (with 1921 employees).

Plovdiv is the leader in the cosmetics sector, where 49 companies generate a total of over BGN 116 million annually, while in Sofia they are 67 in number, but with a total revenue of nearly BGN 97 million. There is a tendency for companies with small human resources to register high turnovers. As many as 22 companies in the district generate revenues between BGN 10 and 20 million on an annual basis with less than 50 employees. Another 7 companies in the region fall into the same category of annual turnover, but with less than 10 employees – an absolute record for the country. The research shows that the companies with 100-300 employees and turnover of up to BGN 20 million are the backbone of the economy – and are responsible for the formation of nearly 28% of the total turnover of the local industry. 

41 of the 100 largest companies in the region are registered within the city of Plovdiv, and it is important to note that the city itself has about 13 times less territory than the leaders Sliven, Sofia and Dobrich. Trakia Economic Zone is the main attraction center for investments in the region, which are about BGN 100 million every year and exceed BGN 1 billion.

According to the latest data, 168,371 people work in Plovdiv District, or nearly 10% of all employed in the country, and the unemployment rate remains low and indicates a positive development of the economy – 2.4 compared to the national average of 4.2.

Source: Marica

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