High-tech company considers investing in Plovdiv

German company for electronic components manufacturing with interest in Plovdiv.


The main area in which the company operates is the production of electronic components for the semiconductor and automotive industries, through a full course of stamping, etching, injection molding, assembly and testing. In addition to its production activities, the company also performs a number of research and development operations, and has several patents.

The plans for potential entry into Plovdiv envisage a Class A investment and the establishing of 150-200 jobs in the first 3 years, as the company’s policy implies hiring a local workforce with good language skills. The rapid development of Plovdiv in the last few years and the high quality of life are one of the reasons why the German giant, with plants in over 10 countries on 3 continents, has shown investment interest in the region.

The visit was initiated by Mr. Stefan Yonkov, Consul for Economic Affairs of Bulgaria in Germany, who is one of our most active trade attachés abroad, and fervently supports the process of attracting German investors in our country. The plans included meetings with representatives of the local business ecosystem – a wonderful example of the development of the new Bulgarian industry, which is progressively focusing on more high-tech oriented industries.

As part of the visit, an official meeting was held in the Municipality of Plovdiv between the Deputy Mayor for Business Development Stefan Stoyanov and the Chief Executive Officer of the German company, with the participation of Mr. Stefan Yonkov and Dr. Mariana Cholakova, Honorary Consul of Germany in Plovdiv.

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