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Plovdiv is a leading university center of national significance, second in Bulgaria, behind only to capital city Sofia. The educational system is well developed, preparing many students in technical and applied disciplines, which has contributed to establishing the region as a prominent industrial center.Plovdiv is home to one of the biggest universities in Bulgaria – the Plovdiv University Paisiy Hilendarski with 16 743 students. The university offers degrees in fields such as Mathematics and Informatics (2043 enrolled in the program), Natural sciences (1788 students enrolled), and Economics (2097 students enrolled).Plovdiv branch of Technical University Sofia offers programs in 2 faculties: Faculty of Electronics and Automation (545 students), where Industrial Engineering is being taught in English, and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Instrument Engineering. Over 443 students are enrolled in Communications and Computer technologies. There are also two agricultural universities both providing education currently to 7 000 students and the University of Food Technology, which provides specialists for the vibrant food industry with 4 345 students enrolled in different programs.